About CarPro India


CarPro India is an authorized distributor of CarPro Products in India. We are not only importing CarPro Products but offering training on usage of products to get the maximum value through our exclusive training affiliates. With hands on knowledge on using CarPro products in detailing in India, we bring to you a package solution to get your detailing to a new level and offer best in class experience for your clients.

Our line of sophisticated decontamination, correction, and coating products help to protect and maintain the value and beauty of your vehicle, whilst enhancing its appearance with the performance of the latest Nanotechnology-derived ingredients. These incredible state of the art materials are found in everything from our finest CQuartz coatings, to our Reflect finishing polishes; helping to put the power of professional-grade Nanotechnology in the hands of detailing enthusiasts.


CarPro, a leader in the pro detailing market, was established in 2009 by people who love their cars. We wanted to make great car care products available to other enthusiasts. Our progressive vision and advanced technology brought coatings, such as CQuartz, to the market when it was still unknown to the Western Hemisphere. CarPro was the original creator of Nanotechnology car detailing products and continue to bring new professional car detailing products and fresh ideas to the masses. From interior coatings and cleaners to our most well-known ceramic paint coating, CQuartz, we have something for every car care need. Your car deserves the ultimate protection and we offer the products that deliver professional results.


It’s important to CarPro to offer the highest-quality products at the best price. We achieve both by developing products at an in-house laboratory and manufacturing facility. This allows us to continue to provide pro detailers with trusted auto detailing supplies that fuel their high demand.

CarPro is not only proud to provide the best auto detailing products on the market, but we also operate with quality and integrity. We stand behind our products, their performance, and offer select warranties. More importantly, we’re focused on you as the customer. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the car care kit that fits your needs, helping to answer your questions, and find the closest detailer to you.

Get started with CarPro today, for a professional car detailing experience.