Meet CarPro India

CarPro India is an authorized distributor of CarPro Products in India. We are not only importing CarPro Products but offering training on usage of products to get the maximum value through our exclusive training affiliates. With hands on knowledge on using CarPro products in detailing in India, we bring to you a package solution to get your detailing to a new level and offer best in class experience for your clients.

Our line of sophisticated decontamination, correction, and coating products help to protect and maintain the value and beauty of your vehicle, whilst enhancing its appearance with the performance of the latest Nanotechnology-derived ingredients. These incredible state of the art materials are found in everything from our finest CQuartz coatings, to our Reflect finishing polishes; helping to put the power of professional-grade Nanotechnology in the hands of detailing enthusiasts.

  • I am extremely happy to be with Carpro India and get best products and technical knowledge as well

  • Carpro range of products and coatings give me a chance to offer the best to my clients, the reflect polish is top class

    Kumaragurubaran DriveClean Chennai
  • Products offer amazing quality and value in my detailing offerings, they are clearly in a class of their own and value for money

    Mohsin Khan Ultimate Detailerz
  • Reflect has given me amazing results when finishing on several cars including super cars. I am a big fan of their product range

    Akshay AutoXpertz (Delhi)