Discover the finest Automotive Detailing Technology

As a leader in detailing nanotechnology, CARPRO strives to offer the most complete line of in-house engineered products for all car care purposes.


Our detailing preparation line includes all products designed to restore your vehicle’s paint to showroom quality, before applying a CQUARTZ coating:

– Washing
– Decontamination
– Oil residue removal
– Water spot removal
– Claying and polishing


The CQUARTZ line with its accompanying products is the benchmark in vehicle protection. Our range is designed for all surfaces and purposes. Included are:

– Ceramic coatings
– Glass coatings
– Interior coatings
– Sealants


The maintenance line ensures your vehicle stays in showroom condition, while providing all means of preserving and enhancing the performance of ceramic coats.

– Washing
– Paint rejuvenation
– Sealants
– Jewelling